Seyi Adeleke Booqs review 2024: AI eBook Creation Powerhouse?

Booqs review

sick of spending countless hours creating content only to be left drained by the tedious process?

Booqs eliminates the headaches of leveraging AI to deliver stunning

ebooks, reports, and presentations in under 60 seconds with zero writing required.

As you’ll discover in this Booqs review, it automates human-like

writing, designing, graphics, voice dictation, 3D covers, and more using advanced language models. Booqs also drives hands-free traffic and affiliate commissions.

Whether you’re a blogger, consultant, Amazon seller, or affiliate

marketer, this revolutionary all-in-one toolbox streamlines content

creation so you can get back to growing your business faster.

What is Booqs?

Booqs is a game-changing software that leverages advanced.

artificial intelligence to create professional-grade ebooks, reports

And presentations in under 60 seconds with zero writing or design skills required.

It auto-generates 100% unique human-sounding content on any topic or niche you want. Booqs then instantly turns this AI-

It generated text into beautiful, viral ebooks, flipbooks, PDF reports, and more.

On top of blazing-fast content creation, Booqs syndicates your

Ebooks to its built-in publications. This allows you to get massive.

Amounts of free, targeted traffic on complete autopilot.

Key Points Booqs review

Product NameBooqs
CreatorSeyi Adeleke
Official SiteVisit Here
Key FeatureAI-Powered Fully Designed eBook Or FlipBook
PricingFE – ($17)
OTO 1: Unlimited ($67)
OTO2: DoneForYou ($297)
OTO3: Automation ($47)
OTO4: Limitless Traffic ($67)
OTO 5: Agency ($127)
OTO6: Franchise Edition ($197)

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If you need to create ebooks and reports fast, Booqs is an absolute must-have tool. Here are the 5 main reasons why:

✅ Create Ebooks in Under 60 Seconds – No more struggling with research or writer’s block. Booqs leverages advanced AI to create stunning ebooks ultra-fast.

✅ Built-In Designs Included – Forget hiring designers. Booqs designs your AI-generated text into beautiful, high-converting ebooks/reports.

✅ Syndicate for Free Targeted Traffic – Syndicate ebooks to Booqs’

Publications to get hands-free targeted traffic from active buyers.

✅ Voice-To-Text Capabilities – Use the highly accurate voice

Recognition for creating transcripts and then turning them into ebooks completely hands-free.

✅ Built-In Monetization – Profit-building ebooks from

Marketplace sales or by promoting affiliate offers inside them.

Product Key Features

Booqs comes packed with features to 10x your content creation and

Promotion efforts include:

1-Click Ebook Creator:

Booqs makes creating ebooks extremely fast and easy. Instead of hours of writing, research, and design work, their advanced AI does it all for you with a single click. Enter a keyword or quick prompt, and Booqs will generate a beautifully designed ebook on autopilot.

Human-Quality Writing:

The content generated goes far beyond spinning software or basic templates. Booqs leverages AI language models fine-tuned on

millions of articles, publications, and books to produce truly

articulate, human-like writing that readers love. The grammar, facts, citations, and narrative flow mimic those of top-notch writers.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee:

You get 100% originally generated content automatically cited, so

everything passes Copyscape and plagiarism checks. Booqs doesn’t scrape or steal content from the web. The AI creates brand-new content customized to your niche and keywords.


Instead of typing anything, you can create hands-free ebooks using

Booqs’ industry-leading voice recognition. It will transcribe your spoken words into text then

build an entire ebook around it automatically with images.

Designed Graphics:

Booqs ebooks look stunning and professional thanks to various

included designed templates—no hiring graphic designers or fiddling with complicated publishing software. The entire package, from writing to visual design, is handled for you inside Booqs.

Syndication for Free Traffic:

You can leverage Booqs’ built-in network to syndicate

your new ebooks across 50+ niche sites and publications in one click. This

exposes your content and brand to tons of targeted readers, plus any.

Links inside your ebook get clicks and commissions.

Built-In Marketplace:

You can quickly sell your ebooks within Booqs and keep 100% of

sales vs publishing elsewhere. Readers browse the Evergrowing

marketplace, and you get paid directly via PayPal/Stripe when someone buys your ebook.

Affiliate Promotions:

Easily insert any affiliate link or promotion into your AI-generated

ebooks with a click. Then direct traffic to your ebook and get

hands-free commissions thanks to Booqs automation.

3D eCover Creator:

Booqs includes an incredible built-in 3D ebook cover creator. Instantly generate sleek, high-converting covers with lifelike images that help sell your ebook. No Photoshop or design skills are needed.

Advanced Language Models:

At the core of Booqs lies an innovative AI engine that utilizes

advanced language models fine-tuned on millions of data points. This allows it to produce shockingly human-like content on any topic in seconds.

Friendly Support:

The team at Booqs believes in delivering exceptional customer service. They provide onboarding, tutorials, and speedy support via

email and Facebook community to help you get results faster.

Who Benefits From Booqs?

Booqs is suited for anyone looking to leverage AI for faster content creation and sales:

➡ Affiliate Marketers – Generate lead magnets, promote offers

➡ Bloggers & Content Creators – Save hours writing high-quality content

➡ Coaches / Consultants – Quickly create info products to build authority

➡ Local Business Owners – Make custom collateral to capture leads

➡ Amazon Sellers – Drive traffic & sales with custom ebooks

➡ Newbies & Non-Techies – User-friendly software, no learning curve

And more. The built-in monetization features allow anyone to profit quickly.

Booqs Does All The Work For You

Let’s face it: coming up with ideas and creating written content.

Around them is difficult, time-consuming, and often frustrating.

You brainstorm topics, stare at a blank page, trying to put words.

Down, research facts to back up what you’re writing carefully.

Organize everything into something cohesive, and finally, have it edited and proofread.

The process can take days, if not weeks, of full-time effort per ebook or report.

Well, with Booqs, that entire painful process now takes just seconds.

This revolutionary software leverages the most advanced AI.

Language models to completely automate articulate, human-like writing on any topic.

You give Booqs any keyword niche or even ask it a question. Within 60 seconds or less, it returns a full-length, 100% unique write-up for you as if written by a natural person.

We’re talking perfectly cited facts, grammar, story flow – everything done for you.

The days of writer’s block are gone. The AI does all the heavy lifting for you.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Along with eliminating the most challenging parts of content creation, eBooks

Designs everything for you on the spot. We’re talking tables of

Contents, fonts, color schemes, graphics, 3D cover creator, and more.

Gone are the days of hiring expensive designers or struggling with

Complex formatting tasks.

Books take your ideas from concept to completion, making them viral.

Ebook or report in under 60 seconds flat.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

Built-In Hands-free Traffic & Sales

So, Booqs creates beautiful ebooks and reports faster than you can imagine with AI. Pretty impressive.

But what’s the point if no one sees your content?

Well, the creators of Booqs thought of this. That’s why they integrated automatic syndication and hands-free traffic capabilities.

In one click, you can get your newly created ebooks showcased.

Across Booqs’ network of niche publications to laser-targeted readers.

We’re talking about thousands of free, hyper-targeted visitors interested in your ebook topic.

And the best part? If you include affiliate links or ads within your

Ebook, you earn commissions and sales from this traffic on complete autopilot.

Booqs handles both creating high-quality, viral content and then

driving the right people to it. You kick back and collect.

Here’s a quick recap…

With Booqs, you get the following:

✅ Ultra fast ebook and report creator using AI

✅ 100% unique and human-written content

✅ Polished professional designs included

✅ Built-in graphics and illustrations

✅ Handsfree traffic from syndication

✅ Easy profit generation (affiliate promos)

✅ Voice-To-Text capabilities

And SO much more…

You would agree – Booqs solves every problem facing.

Content marketers, when it comes to creating consumable ebooks at

Scale and get them exposure for profit.

It’s unmatched.

If you want to leverage AI for easier content creation, drive free

Traffic or make more sales, Booqs is perfect for:

✅ Struggling ebook creators

✅ Overwhelmed bloggers

✅ Affiliate marketers

✅ Coaches/consultants

✅ Local business owners

✅ Newbies & non-techies

Don’t sleep on this revolutionary software that’s disrupting the status quo. Get instant access today!

One of the most significant values Booqs provides is the sheer amount of time savings.

Let’s run some numbers to put this into perspective…

On average, it takes around 20-30 hours to create a proper ebook or lengthy report from start to finish.

That factors in:

– Researching, planning and organizing

– Writing and revising rough drafts

– Sourcing graphics

– Formatting everything

– Designing ebook templates

– Proofreading and edits

– Creating a 3D cover

– Publishing

All that combined takes 15-30 hours per ebook created. No exaggeration.

Well, if we crunch some numbers, that means Booqs saves you:

✅ 20-30 Hours Per Ebook Created

✅ 240-360 Hours Per Year (based on 12 ebooks)

✅ 9,600-14,400 Hours Over 40 Year Career

Over your entire career, that accounts for a staggering 400-600

Days Of Your Life Creating Content!

Time you’ll never get back or be compensated for.

But with Booqs creating ebooks in just seconds, it frees up all that.

Valuable time to focus on other important tasks like marketing and scaling.

And thanks to the built-in hands-free traffic and commissions, you

Don’t sacrifice any potential income, either.

Booqs helps you accelerate profits while saving ridiculous amounts of time.

Try putting a price tag on 400+ days of your life wasted creating content manually. It’s invaluable.

This is why Booqs is an absolute game changer for content creators and marketers.

At this point, it should be crystal clear how this groundbreaking software can help.

Using artificial intelligence, you create professional ebooks, reports, and presentations in record time.

Now, let’s dive into some additional features and integration.

Possibilities and answer some common questions people have about Booqs.

Unlimited Applications & Integrations

One of the great things about Booqs is that it can be utilized to

Create content for nearly unlimited applications across all online business models, including:

📚 Lead Magnets & Free Offers

📚 Affiliate Promotions

📚 Coaching Programs

📚 Client Proposals

📚 Service Sales Pages

📚 Amazon Listings

📚 Physical Products (Print on Demand)

📚 Local Business Flyers

📚 Guest Blog Outreach

📚 Email Autoresponders

📚 Social Media Captions

And SO much more…

If you run any online business, Booqs’ AI writer and instant

Ebook creator capabilities can 10X your marketing as well as save

For hundreds of hours, I have been writing content manually.

Its use cases are truly endless.

Plus, it has built-in profit generation features like automation.

With traffic and built-in affiliate promotions, you get paid while

We are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Booqs helps you DOMINATE your niche while putting in a fraction of the effort.

This begs the question…

Can I Generate Money With This?

The short answer is 100% YES!

There are several built-in monetization avenues, including:

1. Sell your custom ebooks in the integrated marketplace

2. Include affiliate promos/links inside your ebooks

3. Utilize done-for-you high-ticket affiliate funnels

4. Charge clients for done-for-you ebooks

5. Use ebooks to presell coaching/services

So whether you’re looking to set hands-free income streams or

Use Booqs’ AI writer to close more high-ticket sales; the money.

The possibilities are endless.

Main Pros & Cons of Booqs

So you can determine if it’s the right fit.

Pros of Booqs:

✅ 100% Unique High-Converting Content → Captivates readers while passing plagiarism checks

✅ Saves 400+ Days Writing & Researching → AI does the heavy lifting

✅ Polished Designs Included → No hiring expensive designers

✅ Built-In Targeted Traffic → Hands-free promos from syndication

✅ Voice-To-Text Capabilities → Create transcripts handsfree

✅ Easy Built-In Monetization → Profit building ebooks


❌ Requires Internet Connection → Cloud-based app

❌ Monthly Subscription Fee → One-time fee preferred for some

❌ Still Needs Oversight → Review content before publishing

As you can see, Booqs has more pros than cons. It flat out

It makes ebook creation faster, easier, and far more profitable. Thanks

To the built-in automation features.

Now, let’s cover pricing…

Booqs Pricing & OTO Details

Because Booqs is brand new, the creators are offering discounts.

Charter pricing is as follows:

FE – ($17)

OTO 1: Unlimited ($67)

OTO2: DoneForYou ($297)

OTO3: Automation ($47)

OTO4: Limitless Traffic ($67)

OTO 5: Agency ($127)

OTO6: Franchise Edition ($197)

Considering top copywriters charge over $2000+ for a single

Ebook and Booqs pricing are exceptional values across the board.

Final Verdict: Gamechanger for Content Creators

If creating content quickly, driving hands-free traffic to your offers.

And saving 400+ work days sounds appealing; Booqs is a must-have tool.

There is truly nothing else like it when it comes to leveraging AI for

Fast content creation and built-in automation.

Booqs eliminates all the headaches, so you can get back to focusing.

On growing your business and serving clients.

Don’t sleep on this revolutionary software that’s disrupting the status quo. Get instant access today while discounts last!

Booqs has proven itself as a game-changing software for

Anyone struggling with any aspect of creating written content and ebooks.

If you want to leverage AI for faster creation and drive more traffic

& sales all in one powerful suite, Booqs has your back!

Please take advantage of the charter pricing while it lasts for a test drive. If you don’t love it, request a no-questions-asked refund.

But we think you’ll be blown away by Booqs just like everyone else who has used it!


Q: Is Booqs only suited for affiliate marketers?

Not. Booqs can be leveraged across any niche, topic, or business model to drive results.

Q: Do I need copywriting skills to profit from this?

Nope! Booqs advanced AI handles writing higher-quality content.

Then, most humans can produce independently, saving you tons of time.

Q: What if I don’t like writing at all?

No problem. Booqs creates all the content for you. You can even use the built-in voice recognition to create 100% hands-free ebooks.

Q: How fast can ebooks be created?

Lightning fast. Just enter any keyword or URL, and within 60 seconds, you’ll have an entire ebook created from scratch!

Q: Will the designs look professional?

Yes! Booqs includes beautifully designed templates for everything.

It looks polished and presented for publishing or selling.

how does Booqs generate content?

Booqs uses advanced algorithms to analyze a variety of data sources, such as your website content, social media profiles, and competitor websites. This information is then used to create unique and original content that is tailored to your specific needs.
Can I control the style and tone of the content that Booqs generates?

Yes, Booqs allows you to select from a variety of styles and tones for your content. You can also provide Booqs with specific keywords and phrases to use in your content.
Can I edit the content that Booqs generates?
Yes, you can edit the content that Booqs generates in any way you like.

Can Booqs help me with writer’s block?

Yes, Booqs can help you overcome writer’s block by providing you with content ideas and prompts.


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