Prscribe Review 2024-An Easy Way to Leverage Press Releases for Unstoppable SEO?

prscribe review

Tired of spending hours researching, writing, and distributing high-quality press releases only to see minimal results? PR Scribe eliminates the frustrations of the traditional press release process by crafting professional releases in under 5 minutes using advanced AI.

As you’ll learn in this prscribe review, it automates the entire press release journey from start to finish. The AI generator handles research, writing, formatting and optimizing each release for maximum exposure. PR Scribe then distributes through their publisher network so your content reaches the right eyes.

Whether you’re a startup seeking visibility, an agency in need of scale or a marketer wanting to build authority, PR Scribe revolutionizes how press releases are leveraged. As you’ll discover, it delivers a complete press release machine that drives continuous organic traffic, links and commissions without lifting a finger.

What is prscribe?

Prscribe is a new artificial intelligence-powered press release

writing and distribution service designed to help businesses,

marketers, and entrepreneurs get more organic search traffic, backlinks, and exposure.

The platform features an AI writing engine that creates high–

quality, human-like press releases automatically on any topic or niche. It also has a built-in distribution system to submit press

releases to a proprietary network of authoritative news and media sites for publication.

Key points for Prscribe Review

Here are some of the key points about prscribe that make it an extremely compelling offer:

  • Finally, it makes press releases accessible without the usual prohibitive costs
  • Requires no writing skills – AI handles the entire press release automatically.
  • Saves endless hours trying to write and optimize press releases yourself
  • Built-in distribution gets press releases published, unlike other AI content.
  • Significantly cheaper than hiring a dedicated writer and distribution service
  • Creates an ongoing press release engine for continuous rankings and traffic
  • The easy 3-minute process from writing to distribution
  • Bonus access to additional software worth hundreds
  • Special pre-launch discounts available
Product NamePR Scribe
CreatorJoshua Zamora
Official SiteVisit Here
Key FeatureDone-For-You A.I Press Release
PricingFront End: $34.95
OTO 1: $1 Trial – $47/mo
OTO 2: $27
OTO 3: $47
OTO 4: $47


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Prscribe Key Features

Prscribe comes packed with features to deliver an all-in-one press release solution, including:

  • AI Article Writer – Creates expertly written Press Releases optimized for search and social engagement
  • Distribution Network – Gets press releases published on
  • legitimate news sites for backlinks/exposure
  • Interactive & Auto Modes – Option to approve content or fully automated writing
  • Media Embeds – Images, videos and rich snippets added for increased visibility
  • Link Insertion – Insert backlinks seamlessly into published releases
  • Press Release Templates – Proven press release formats for any niche
  • Undetectable AI Rewriter – Extra layer of quality control for 100% unique content
  • Agency License – Use prscribe for unlimited personal + client needs
  • SyndLab Integration – Automated content syndication system included
  • All Languages Supported – Foreign language press release writing.

The platform handles everything from research to writing to distribution, saving work hours.

Who Benefits From Prscribe?

Prscribe is designed to benefit several groups, including:

SEO Agencies & Freelancers

  • Generate more client revenue by offering press release writing/distribution
  • Never have to write or distribute press releases manually again.
  • White label prscribe as your premium service

Affiliate Marketers

  • Build high authority backlinks to affiliate sites faster
  • Promote affiliate offers via published press releases.
  • Maintain cash-positive ROI using pre-launch discounts.

Business Owners

  • Increased brand visibility and authority
  • Promote essential company announcements.
  • Improve local SEO rankings.

Bloggers & Content Creators

  • Save hours trying to write optimized press releases
  • Repurpose press releases into blog/video content.
  • Establish thought leadership with regular media publicity.

Any individual or company looking to leverage press releases for

low-cost organic exposure and backlinks will benefit tremendously from prscribe.

How Does Prscribe Work?

Prscribe is built on a powerful AI engine that automatically handles

the entire press release creation and distribution process.

The key benefit is it requires zero writing skills or optimization

work on your part to start building links via authoritative published press releases.

Getting Started

Getting started with prscribe is very straightforward:

  • Purchase access during the particular pre-launch period
  • Create your account credentials for the cloud-based dashboard.
  • Configure your account profile and agency rights.
  • You can immediately start submitting press releases.

Dashboard Access

The prscribe dashboard is where you manage everything related to press releases.

It offers a clean, simple layout with the following core options:

  • Press Release Campaigns – Main area to submit new press releases
  • Distribution Network – Manage news sites to publish releases.
  • Account Settings – Configure account details, limits, etc
  • Usage Stats – Track press release writing/distribution counts
  • AI Content Tools – Control rewrite settings, analysis, etc

So everything is accessible right from your central dashboard in an easy-to-use web interface.

Creating Press Releases

Creating new press releases is handled through the Campaigns section of the prscribe dashboard.

When starting a new campaign, you’re presented with two options:

  • Interactive Mode – Choose this to approve/revise content at each stage
  • Auto Mode – Fully automated press release writing

Interactive Mode

Interactive mode lets you take control of the press release writing process:

  • Enter basic company/product/service details
  • Select press release focus from the category list.
  • Refine core messaging for the press release.
  • Approve or refine the AI-generated headline.
  • Approve or refine the AI-generated intro paragraph.
  • Approve or refine each section of content.
  • Approve final press release.
  • Submit for distribution

So, you get complete oversight into the press release structure before anything gets published.

The AI will rewrite sections on demand with the click of a button until you’re happy.

You also assign focus keywords and links during the process.

Auto Mode

With auto mode, the entire press release is created automatically based on the information provided:

  • Enter basic company/product details
  • Select press release focus from categories.
  • Set keyword and link targets.
  • Press Start
  • AI automatically structures, writes and optimizes the full press release.
  • Press releases can be edited if needed.
  • Press submit to distribute the finished release.

In around 3 minutes, you can have a completed press release submitted without any actual writing needed.

This hands-free model is ideal for anyone short on time or who wants higher volumes.

Editing & Revisions

Both modes allow complete editing of any section the AI creates before final submission.

You can refine anything from formatting to word choice as needed.

There is also a revision queue if changes need to be made once submitted to the distribution network.

So, the press releases can be fine-tuned either pre or post-publication.

Multilingual Content

Prscribe can output press releases in +15 global languages.

This allows you to adapt press campaigns for international audiences and media.

The machine learning works similarly but supports non-English press release structures and lexicons.

A single tool can help build content and backlinks across multiple countries and languages.

Categories & Topics

Prscribe has over 50 pre-configured press release categories and 300+ sub-topics.

This helps the AI match your press release focus strictly based on the nuances of the niche.

Preset options available include:

  • Website Launch
  • Product Launch
  • Feature Release
  • Company Relocation
  • Fundraising Milestone
  • Product Award
  • Financial Earnings
  • Market Expansion
  • Hiring Announcements
  • Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Event Promotions

Plus, there are many more specific variations…

There is a custom category creation workflow if you need a wholly unique press release type.

This ensures that no matter the vertical or focus, prscribe has you covered.

Media Embeds

Video, images and other media can be seamlessly added to any press release.

Based on keywords, stock photos are automatically included, and

license-free video clips are integrated as needed.

The system automatically pulls Creative Commons media from

leading platforms like Pixabay, Pexels, and Videvo.

There are also 1200+ customizable rich text snippets like stats, quotes, charts, tables, etc.

These help infuse press releases with dynamic interactive elements

that capture more readership and social sharing.

So without any work on your end, prscribe injects press releases

with eye-catching graphics plus quantitative data.

Optimized Anchor Text

Prscribe incorporates anchor text seamlessly within press release

content based on SEO best practices for your niche and keywords.

Links inserted use natural phrasing and context for user experience and search engine metrics.

If you prefer more oversight, there is also complete control over where backlinks are placed.

So, you benefit from proper anchor text integration without sounding self-promotional.

Undetectable AI Rewriting

Prscribe leverages a proprietary layer of AI rewriting technology for extra quality control.

Many automated writing tools generate “AI-like” output these days.

This leaves content overly rigid and structured, which search engines can flag.

Prscribe passes finished press releases through an undetectable rewriting process.

This uses deep learning to transform press releases into expert human-like writing.

The finished output flows perfectly in terms of syntax, grammar

and semantics – all while retaining complete originality per Copyscape checks.

So you benefit from both the speed of AI content with higher perceived quality and uniqueness.

Built-In Analytics

Ongoing performance metrics are included with prscribe to quantify press release results.

The dashboard shows total views, social activity, backlink data, search rankings influence and more.

You can segment analytics by press release, date range, or site link.

This helps better optimize angles and anchor text choices over time.

Detailed traffic and backlink reporting ensure you have full

visibility into the impact each distributed release generates.

Why It’s Different

Prscribe merges the ranking power of press releases with the

scalability of automated content in a way no other platform provides.

You benefit from significant time and money savings while

establishing fresh links and visibility.

The built-in distribution network also eliminates the hold-ups and

fees traditional PR options have.

So you unlock affordable access to a potent asset for search growth previously out of reach.

This is the only tool that offers this frictionless path to leveraging press releases from end to end.

As shown above, prscribe handles everything needed to utilize

press releases for organic search visibility gains using a simplified 4-stage system.

The AI generator, revision tools and built-in analytics make press releases viable even at scale.

So, anyone struggling with the time sink and costs of quality link building has a proven path to amplifying results.

Prscribe democratizes access, so press releases are firmly within reach as part of your digital strategy.

Let me know if you need any other section expanded or have additional questions!

What type of press releases can it write?

The prscribe AI writing engine is designed to create all types of press releases, including:

  • Product Launches
  • Company Milestones
  • Feature/Service Announcements
  • Business Expansions
  • Office Relocations
  • New Hires & Partnerships
  • Award Achievements
  • Event Promotions
  • Research Studies/Data
  • Company Rebrands
  • Fundraising Initiatives

Whether you need a press release announcing a new ecommerce

store, a productivity tool, a lead generation service, a mobile app or any other online business – prscribe can handle it.

The AI has been fed thousands of high-converting press release

examples to correctly structure the content, messaging, and media elements.

So you get expertly framed press releases tailored to your niche every time.

How effective is automated press release distribution?

The press release distribution system built into prscribe publishes

to a private network of authoritative news media and press release sites.

These are established publications that actively share and syndicate

new stories as part of their business model.

So, the press releases generated reach targeted readers and also get

high-quality contextual backlinks in the process.

The sites have high domain authority and page authority metrics

that transfer powerful ranking signals to any links inserted

– dramatically boosting your organic search visibility.

Not only that, but you save massive amounts compared to doing press release distribution manually. Services like PRWeb can charge anywhere from $100 to $500+ per release.

Instead, you get professional distribution included with zero delays

for approval or vetting, no matter how many press releases you need to publish.

Pros and Cons of Prscribe

Like any software product, prscribe comes with its unique pros and cons:


  • Requires no writing or optimization work ever
  • Press releases written in under 3 minutes
  • High-quality, contextual backlinks generated
  • Ranking power of press releases made it easy.
  • Automated publishing saves countless hours.
  • PR distribution fees cost just pennies
  • Always up-to-date with the latest SEO metrics
  • Unlimited press releases supported
  • Free bonuses worth over $1000
  • Special pre-launch discounts available


  • Monthly fee for unlimited use (with discounts)
  • The press release uploader has yet to be made available.
  • Some proficiency with writing requirements is needed for interactive mode.
  • Requires essential skill with content marketing best practices
  • Limited availability due to the exclusive pre-launch period

So, while prscribe handles virtually all the heavy lifting regarding

press releases, you still need a basic understanding of link anchor

text optimization and backlinking workflows to maximize the results.

Prscribe Pricing & Otos

Prscribe uses a discounted pre-launch funnel structure with the following core offers:

Frontend – PR Scribe Agency

  • $67 one-time payment
  • Ten press releases/month
  • Distribution to 10 news sites
  • Agency rights
  • Three bonuses worth $1000+

OTO 1 – Unlimited Monthly Access

  • $1 + $47 per month
  • Unlimited press releases
  • Three links per release
  • 50 news site distribution

OTO 2 – $22k Per Month Case Study

  • $27 one-time payment
  • Done-for-you affiliate niche site process

OTO 3 – Automated Backlink Software Suite

  • $47 one-time payment
  • Suite for automated niche site backlinking

OTO 4 – Expired Domain Finder

  • $47 one-time payment
  • Find instant authority website domains.

So everything needed, from writing to publishing to rankings, can

be handled through the front end combined with the one-click upsells during the launch period.

Final Word

In closing, prscribe provides immense value by making press

releases truly viable for ANY level of marketer without big budgets or writing skills.

The built-in AI writer and distribution network are features not offered anywhere else in the industry.

So, prscribe eliminates all the usual friction points – saving you creation and submission work hours.

If you understand the immense power of press releases for organic

rankings and visibility, prscribe is the most accessible press release engine available today.

It’s the only set-and-forget solution for continuous, high-quality

exposure via contextual backlinks, media publicity and search engine visibility.

FAQs Related to prscribe

Q: What content formats does prscribe support?

Prscribe is explicitly designed around press releases with several

structural requirements compared to standard blog posts and articles. The AI engine conforms to proper press release formatting

regarding length, sections, media use, calls-to-action, etc. For other

content needs, their existing blog tools would be recommended instead.

Q: Does prscribe help get press mentions?

Yes and no. The press releases created are published on legitimate

news sites, which can lead to secondary press coverage should a story gain enough interest. However, prscribe does not actively

promote releases to journalists or offer any guarantees of editorial coverage. The focus is more on contextual backlinks versus direct media publicity.

Q: How many links can I include in my press releases?

The baseline platform allows two backlinks per press release, which is the recommended amount. Upgrading to the PRO monthly subscription enables three links maximum without facing scrutiny. Any more would violate press release policies across most wire networks.

Q: Does prscribe work for local press releases?

While mainly focused on digital visibility gains, prscribe optimizes

press releases for local SEO goals like map pack rankings. Location pages can be linked, as well as schemas for address, opening hours, etc. So, both global and local objectives can be supported in one platform.

Q: What happens after I stop using prscribe?

You maintain full access to any press releases already distributed

through their publication network should you cancel or not renew after the pre-launch period. The links, content and metrics remain intact for ongoing benefit. You would lose access to create any new press releases in the future without an active subscription.

Q: Where do my press release links show up?

Links are seamlessly embedded within the body content of press releases. Anchor text choices mirror natural phrasing matching the topic focus. There is also footer bio support for additional links depending on news site policies. So links generate visibility both contextually and directly where possible.

Q: How much writing skill do I need to use prscribe?

Outside of the interactive mode, usage requires no actual writing ability whatsoever. Choose a press release purpose, share basic

information, and then approve the computer-generated release. Familiarity with press releases is helpful context, but no

copywriting or, copywriting or content skills are necessary in the automated workflow.

Q: What level of expertise is the AI trained on?

The natural language algorithms powering prscribe have ingested

millions of words worth of successful press release examples to date. These include releases from top-tier companies, universities, agencies and brands worldwide. So, it builds press releases

modelled on expert-level writing skills surpassing most human capabilities.

Q: How fast can new press releases be created?

In automatic mode, completed press releases can be generated in 90 seconds or less. The average time from information input to finalized distribution is 2-3 minutes. More complex layoffs in niche

industries may take slightly longer during the AI construction

process but rarely more than 5-6 minutes, even accounting for revisions.

Q: Can I upload my press releases?

Prscribe does not offer press release uploads as it handles the writing process from scratch. However, a custom import function may be added to future product roadmaps based on customer feedback during the launch. For now, they want to focus on enhancing the AI quality before expanding input options.

Q: What happens if my press release gets rejected?

Outright rejections are extremely rare given how prscribe

structures release to meet universal publication policies. However,

should any minor revisions be requested pre or post-submission,

their content team swiftly handles any tweaks needed to get your press releases approved and live. So you have full support if any distribution issues occur.


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